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Planning and budgeting for your smart, energy efficient home.


Mixing Energy Efficiency and Technology 

Sometimes the extra costs of achieving energy efficient homes can really stack up. When you choose a block of land for your new home build, there are lots of discussions around how the home and block are laid out to maximise energy efficiency. With lots of home builders advertising outstanding energy efficiency ratings we thought it was worth discussing how not only can the energy efficiency grow in rating but the budget can grow as well. With planning and doing some homework you can achieve solid energy efficient homes and make use of some technologies to help with costs.   

Once you have chosen the block in Murray Park Estate and chosen a builder to work with, you will cover in your discussions energy rating and layout. There are many aspects of the home to consider to assist efficiency rating which your builder will talk through with you. Thinking along the lines of the insulation and quality of insulation, double glazed windows, layout of the home maximising entry of natural light, block orientation and so on.  

It pays in the long run to be energy efficient at home. The initial outlay can be a little more expensive during the building process but into the future you will see the benefit in the bills. It pays to plan ahead and know your numbers. 

There are an increasing amount of smart homes being built with artificial intelligence and technological developments. Luxury homes are pushing the boundaries of innovation through appliances and systems in the home. The thing is, smart homes do come at a cost, so if you are keen to bring your home up to speed its a good idea to make sure you have budgeted the numbers. Think about how you can use these smart products to your advantage with features such as automatic time shut off and other functions to control the times of the day the product is active. 

Do your research on what products are available 

These days, smart phones can control pretty much anything and there is so many apps and products available.  Decide on the functions that you need to control via smart phone the most. There are systems which are comprehensive of controlling multiple devices which may save you more money in the long run with the associated costs of each product. 

Some of these programs have hefty subscription, maintenance and month by month charges so keep an eye out for these. 

Fan of the ceiling fan 

Ceiling fans have come a long way in style, regardless of the technological advancements in the home building industry, you cannot go past a ceiling fan. Include plenty of ceiling fans in your main living areas such as living room, dining room, even bedrooms. According to AGL Energy, fans cost less than $20 per year to run (AGL, 2018). This is far less than running costs of your recycled heating and cooling and even evaporative. 
Cross ventilation through living areas is also important to consider with doors on either side of main living and or / dining.     


Use Professional Services 

Even with an increasing amount of DIY focused customers and information available for consumers to do it themselves, engaging a professional who is experienced with smart products and professionally installing them will save you a lot of time. Many of the home builders we work with are familiar with these products, such as remote ceiling fans, remote lighting, sensor light switches, and fingerprint door access systems.  

(Image: Beacon Lighting, 2018). 

Strong Connectivity 

Depending on where you decide to build, strong internet and Wi-Fi capability is paramount to working efficiency on a lot of smart home products. Fast, reliable connectivity can be a deal breaker for home buyers. Select a location with strong internet connection. Murray Park Estate is NBN ready and all set to go for any smart appliance you are thinking of including in your new home build.

Murray Park Estate has a few blocks remaining stage 5, come for a drive to see what’s available!
One of Murray Park Estate’s residents made energy efficient smart homes their focus for their build in an earlier stage. Reach out for some advice or for any questions you may have. 

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