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A Beauty In Billabong Place Thurgoona


Murray Park Estate's newest residents knew Thurgoona was the place to call home

How could we not share this gorgeous home in Billabong Place, Murray Park Estate? This newly completed Afonso gem is home to young couple Will and Olivia. Take a peak below.

Thurgoona Was Always The One...

Speaking with Will about their new home, he explained that both he and his partner grew up in Thurgoona and so it was easy to know that this is where they wanted to live. The block was purchased before they chose the builder to work with.  Will mentioned that they loved the area and the outlook surrounding Murray Park Estate. "It's such a great area, easy to the freeway and the closest to town which is great for my partner to get to work," says Will.

Building Process Made Easy With Afonso Building Solutions 

It is always great to hear that clients have enjoyed their building journey, especially when it is your first family home. Will and Olivia worked with Albury Wodonga Builder, Afonso Building Solutions to custom create this home on a 709m2 block. The floor plan was based off a 'Balmain 260' with some minor alterations to suit. Knowing that alterations and additions are important to clients, Afonso Homes Director David says that all of their facades are custom to suit all tastes and they can alter, adapt and adjust any plans and facades. They customise homes all the time.  

Being able to have some input into the design process was something Will said certainly had drawn them to work with Afonso. Will explains how they added a bathroom from another floor plan and had such a great experience overall along the way. Another thing which made the process a lot more enjoyable was that being in the trade, Will was able to be involved in the building process. Will's Father laid their floor coverings and he had the flexibility of recommending some others in the process. "As long as the trades were compliant and everything was good WH&S wise all was well says Will."  As you can see in the photos below, the landscaping has been completed on this beauty already. Running a landscaping business, Will said one thing that was important from the very start was to get it done towards the end of the build so that by time of completion they could move in and just enjoy their new home. Fencing is all done front and back, a timber side gate to match the gorgeous front deck and already having a front lawn most would love to have. 

One Of The Quietest Areas Of Murray Park Estate 

Billabong Place in Murray Park Estate is tucked away from the main roads and sits up off the mainland in a Eco-friendly greenbelt. There is a lot of well established trees along the retaining wall and grassland to look at up over the hill - Check out the location. This makes for one of the estate's best locations. It's only local traffic in this street. The blocks in Billabong Place are flat and well sized, so this makes site cuts easy and a good option for those that don't want to invest too much into block maintenance. There are two lots left in Billabong place comprising of sizes 700m2 and 775m2. Take a look at these lot options in Murray Park Estate, here. 

A Great Place To Call Home 

Location is everything when choosing the right place to build a new home. Thurgoona is a vibrant, thriving community with so much to offer in the centre of Albury's growth corridor. To catch a glimpse of this gorgeous new home or to find a block of land, begin your building journey here, with a drive to Murray Park Estate to see for yourself, it really is so close to everything. Click for directions to Thurgoona's best location 

Timber Deck front entrance 
Generous Driveway with lots of vehicle space and rear yard access

Superb Street Appeal In Murray Park Estate


Getting to know the Residents in Murray Park Estate 

This week, we spent some time getting to know the residents of Murray Park Estate and this beautiful home in Meander Street really caught our eye.    

Nancy's home is beautifully presented and landscaped, certainly a stand out

What the residents are saying

Relocating from North Albury, Nancy knew she wanted to live in Thurgoona and this was where she would look to build her new home. Nancy said that Murray Park Estate was the easy and obvious choice when she was looking at Thurgoona Estates

“The estate is really tucked away and nice and quiet. There is much less congestion of traffic than the other Thurgoona estates and this was one of the things I really like about Murray Park that the roads into the estate aren’t as busy with traffic than some others.”  Nancy mentioned one of the first things she was instantly drawn to was that it’s such a convenient location being so close to major thoroughfares that it’s only minutes to Albury, Lavington or the freeway. Close, but the roads aren’t noisy and super busy she said. 

A great building experience 

Having previously renovated a couple of times but not built a new home before, Nancy mentioned that she had such a great experience with the builder she chose, Peter Bowen Homes. An easy process right from the start through to handover it was enjoyable to build her new Thurgoona home. Nancy mentioned that when you are building your forever home, you may as well just have exactly what you want.   

The presentation of this home is a ten out of ten with a beautifully landscaped front and rear yard with a colour scheme of a touch of Hampton’s style that carries right through the home and alfresco all to match.     

Make Thurgoona your home in Murray Park Estate 

Meander Street is part of Murray Park Estate’s Stage 5. Stage 5 has a great range of family sized blocks to suit every family's need with the average size ranging around 770m2. With a couple of blocks remaining and the Spring Sale ending Nov 30 you can also make Murray Park Estate your home with a Spring Sale discount to go with it, it’s not too late. Contact us to find out more.  

Planning and budgeting for your smart, energy efficient home.


Mixing Energy Efficiency and Technology 

Sometimes the extra costs of achieving energy efficient homes can really stack up. When you choose a block of land for your new home build, there are lots of discussions around how the home and block are laid out to maximise energy efficiency. With lots of home builders advertising outstanding energy efficiency ratings we thought it was worth discussing how not only can the energy efficiency grow in rating but the budget can grow as well. With planning and doing some homework you can achieve solid energy efficient homes and make use of some technologies to help with costs.   

Once you have chosen the block in Murray Park Estate and chosen a builder to work with, you will cover in your discussions energy rating and layout. There are many aspects of the home to consider to assist efficiency rating which your builder will talk through with you. Thinking along the lines of the insulation and quality of insulation, double glazed windows, layout of the home maximising entry of natural light, block orientation and so on.  

It pays in the long run to be energy efficient at home. The initial outlay can be a little more expensive during the building process but into the future you will see the benefit in the bills. It pays to plan ahead and know your numbers. 

There are an increasing amount of smart homes being built with artificial intelligence and technological developments. Luxury homes are pushing the boundaries of innovation through appliances and systems in the home. The thing is, smart homes do come at a cost, so if you are keen to bring your home up to speed its a good idea to make sure you have budgeted the numbers. Think about how you can use these smart products to your advantage with features such as automatic time shut off and other functions to control the times of the day the product is active. 

Do your research on what products are available 

These days, smart phones can control pretty much anything and there is so many apps and products available.  Decide on the functions that you need to control via smart phone the most. There are systems which are comprehensive of controlling multiple devices which may save you more money in the long run with the associated costs of each product. 

Some of these programs have hefty subscription, maintenance and month by month charges so keep an eye out for these. 

Fan of the ceiling fan 

Ceiling fans have come a long way in style, regardless of the technological advancements in the home building industry, you cannot go past a ceiling fan. Include plenty of ceiling fans in your main living areas such as living room, dining room, even bedrooms. According to AGL Energy, fans cost less than $20 per year to run (AGL, 2018). This is far less than running costs of your recycled heating and cooling and even evaporative. 
Cross ventilation through living areas is also important to consider with doors on either side of main living and or / dining.     


Use Professional Services 

Even with an increasing amount of DIY focused customers and information available for consumers to do it themselves, engaging a professional who is experienced with smart products and professionally installing them will save you a lot of time. Many of the home builders we work with are familiar with these products, such as remote ceiling fans, remote lighting, sensor light switches, and fingerprint door access systems.  

(Image: Beacon Lighting, 2018). 

Strong Connectivity 

Depending on where you decide to build, strong internet and Wi-Fi capability is paramount to working efficiency on a lot of smart home products. Fast, reliable connectivity can be a deal breaker for home buyers. Select a location with strong internet connection. Murray Park Estate is NBN ready and all set to go for any smart appliance you are thinking of including in your new home build.

Murray Park Estate has a few blocks remaining stage 5, come for a drive to see what’s available!
One of Murray Park Estate’s residents made energy efficient smart homes their focus for their build in an earlier stage. Reach out for some advice or for any questions you may have. 

Find the Right Block of Land in Murray Park Estate Thurgoona


Choose the block of land that is best for you 

Lifestyle Considerations 

When choosing where to build your new Thurgoona home, it is important to make sure that the location ticks all of the boxes. What are your lifestyle considerations? Here are some questions you might like to think about.  

Is there a shopping centre nearby? We all need to make those close quick trips to the shops. 
Is there a feeling of community within the estate? 
Is the area easily accessed by public transport?
Where are the nearest schools? How close by are the schools? Are there options? 
Where are the local parks and playgrounds? 
Is the estate brand new or established?
What are the long term plans of the estate? 
What amenities are planned for the future? 

Murray Park Estate ticks all the above boxes close to schools and shops, conveniently located providing a sense of a family community within the estate. With a park planned within the estate and surrounding paths and walking tracks Murray Park Estate delivers you all of things you need around you to give you a comfortable location for your new home.  

Land ready to build in Thurgoona

Stage five Murray Park Estate is now selling meaning you don't have to wait to get started on your Thurgoona dream home. Riverboat drive, Meander Street and Billabong Place have a few blocks remaining for you to select and choose a block that is right for you.  

Orientation of the block  

Thinking about the orientation of the block is an important part of the process. Thinking abut the design and layout of your home to allow natural light is easy for blocks within Murray Park Estate. Riverboat Drive offers choice for morning and afternoon sun through alfresco and entertaining areas on the sides of your home. Billabong Place offers the same with your front door north facing and in Meander Street your home front is graced with morning sun. Murray Park Estate has these options for the fourteen remaining blocks in stage five.

Your new Thurgoona house and land is made easy within Murray Park Estate. Talk to our Developer Liaison Sue to pick a block that is right for you. We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected] or 0418 402 944.


Thurgoona going up, up up 

Want to be a part of the Thriving Thurgoona community?
Knowing that the building location is right for you is as important as the dream home you build itself.

For homeowners thinking of trading in the busy city scaped lifestyle,  Albury and in particular Thurgoona could be the option to make the lifestyle change you have been looking for. Thurgoona's growth numbers are on the way up and Thurgoona is a great place to live which is in high demand.

Located on the northern side of Albury, Thurgoona is bursting at the seams. The edge of Albury sees Thurgoona as the major pathway connecting homeowners to some of the major commercial developments happening around the city as well as key industries like manufacturing not far away. Albury boasts good connections between Sydney and Melbourne by both road and the rail. With a growing economy, Thurgoona is becoming well known as the suburb to live for relocating families.

It's certain there is only going to be more and more demand for this peaceful little part of Albury. With the crazy, soaring and hard to reach property prices in Melbourne and Sydney, its no wonder that families are looking for new ways to build a home at an affordable price and are making the move to our little slice of heaven. Albury Wodonga is currently claimed as one of the best places to buy in regional NSW! 

Prices of Thurgoona homes. 

Supply and demand for Thurgoona homes is going through the roof. According to, The median price for a home in Albury is sitting at $512,500. The Thurgoona median property price for a four bedroom home is $397,000. This is reflective of established familes living in Thurgoona possibly in their second or third home as per the below stats. As of May 25th the average rental price in Albury is $320 per week for a three bedroom home. A three bedroom home in Thurgoona is renting for an average of $370 per week,  $50 more than in Albury only minutes away. A four bedroom home in Albury is renting for as much as $400 per week. You can see the math stacking up. 

Lifestyles of the people who live in Thurgoona  

It is said the lifestyle of a suburb is influenced by who lives there. This saying could not be more true with good reflections of this in the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney. According to, here is Thurgoona's top 3 lifestyle segments. 

The facts are in the numbers, Thurgoona is a family orientated suburb. Murray Park Estate Thurgoona is a family orientated new housing estate offering a range of blocks to suit the needs of all types of families whether you are a first home buyer or building your second or third dream home. 

Now Selling Stage 5, Murray Park Estate is located centrally in Thurgoona with easy thoroughfare access to everything yet still offering clients a quiet, tucked away and peaceful location to call home. Check out the blocks for sale in Stage 5

House And Land Packages In Murray Park Estate Thurgoona


Thurgoona's most conveniently located estate supports Builders and House and Land Packages 

So you are in the market to build your new Thurgoona dream home. No doubt you have your own ideas however you might not be sure where to begin. You have been for a drive through Murray Park Estate and need help selecting the right block, House And Land Packages are a great place to start.  

Value for money 

House and Land Packages in Murray Park Estate are an economical route to home ownership.  A brand new home is awaiting you in a growing location that has a lot to offer for your lifestyle and family. House and Land Packages offer great value because they normally come with an affordable price tag and you still have your options.

Great for families and first home buyers 

Are you a young family wanting to own your own home and burst into the property scene? House and Land Packages are an attractive option for starting out. Are you looking for an investment property? You will also find that a House and Land Package in Murray Park Estate Thurgoona is a great option for that first time investment, a fast way to meet your families needs. 

There is a lot of information and process to building a new home, working with a builder on a House and Land Package helps take a lot of stress out of the process becuase the builder is there to guide you along the way. If you are taking your first property steps this can be less hassle than all of the separate procedures of buying the land and then the house separately. It takes a lot of uncertainty out of the decision making process. 

Know what you're paying 

With a fixed price from your builder, you will know the total locked in price knowing exactly how much you are up for from day one. Avoid unexpected costs and know what your paying. 

Still lots of choice 

Even though building companies will advertise the package with a specific plan in mind, if the block can accommodate a different design there is still the possibility of choosing a different home design.  

How does financing work? 

Mortgage brokers can help you with all of the questions of bundled loans involving construction loans and standard home loans. Don't forget you may be eligible for the NSW first home owners grant contributing towards your build.  

A real sense of community in Thurgoona's most well located land 

Murray Park Estate is literally minutes to everything in Thurgoona your family will need. Five minutes to the Albury CBD via Corrys Road and the freeway. Five minutes to Thurgoona shopping centre. Five minutes to the Thurgoona Golf Club and Football Club. Three minutes to Thurgoona Public School and only five minutes to Border Christian and Trinity Anglican Colleges. Literally so close to everything that your family will need. Murray Park Estate has a real sense of family and with a park on the way this is the perfect place for your family to start out. Talk to our Developer Liaison about how to start your Murray Park Estate journey today. 

Murray Park Estate - So Close to Albury's top attractions


Murray Park Estate Thurgoona - So close to everything including Albury's top things to see and do.  

Convenient Location 

Murray Park Estate is Thurgoona's most conveniently located housing estate. Located minutes to the town centre, which is easily accessible straight down Corry's Road to the freeway. Not to panic about noise of busy roads, Murray Park is nestled away among the trees and surrounded by many birds and wildlife in a quiet, picturesque location. Building your new home in Murray Park Estate opens the door to maximum lifestyle opportunity including Albury's most popular attractions. 

Albury's Botanic Garden 

In the centre of town, Albury Botanic Garden is certainly something for locals to brag about. Stunning, beautiful gardens, which are not only popular for a walk but home to many events throughout the year. Here you can find families picnicking, the locals being active and enjoying the walks or the many other activity groups that hang out here.  

Noreuil Park 

Take a short drive from Murray Park Estate to Noreuil Park. Right on the river this is a perfect weekend family haunt to relax. A playground for the kids and the popular River Deck Cafe, families spend hours here at Noreuil Park because it's a gorgeous spot for families to hang around. Just as lovely in the cooler months as well as the warmer months. 

Monument Hill 

One of Albury's great lookouts with a touch of history whilst you're at it! Here you will find many enthusiastic active community members taking the steep walk to the top. Well worth the steep climb to the top to see the views of Albury and the surrounding region. 

Lake Hume 

A local hot spot! Known to the locals as 'The Weir,' Lake Hume has something for everyone! Whether you are walking, bike riding, swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, wake boarding this is a great place with many spots to pull up and park or set up for lunch with many dog friendly areas.  

The Library Museum 

If you are interested to grab hold on Albury's history this is a tech savvy, new and sophistically laid out place to check out. Free to enter, the Albury Library Museum is not just about books - there's so much more to see here.   

The Albury Wodonga Farmers Market. 

Cannot beat this as a perfect weekender visit. Sit amongst the stallholders listening to local music with coffee, bakeries, pies and anything for breakfast all from the local producers. Wine stalls, fruit and vegetables, organic produce, specialist butcheries only to name a few! Alternating locations on weekends guarantees you won't miss out on your favourites when visiting here. 

MAMA- Murray Art Museum Albury 

Not just for the art appreciators either. MAMA is adjoined to the popular breakfast haunt Canvas Eatery with great coffee and  a great atmosphere. Now for the Art! For a regional gallery definitely puts Albury on the map with large exhibits here for some real art gems.   

Murray Park Estate homes the closest blocks of land for sale to the CBD of town. With accelerated regional growth, Thurgoona is where those wishing to build their dream home are going to live. Land banks throughout Albury suburbs are all grown out with the land space only available in Thurgoona. And the best part - Murray Park is minutes from it. 

Murray Park supports house and land packages in the estate. With so much to offer in this beautiful and family orientated regional town, Murray Park Estate Thurgoona is the perfect place to call home. 

So close to everything....    


House And Land Thurgoona


Albury's growth corridor, Thurgoona is bursting with house and land choice. For raising families and creating a lifestyle, Thurgoona is the centre pillar of the growth hub of NSW. Why build in Murray Park Estate Thurgoona? Read on to find out more. 

House and Land Packages and the growth of Thurgoona

What did Thurgoona look like way back when? Let's take you back to the Thurgoona pre building boom in the late 1980s. A quiet and predominately untouched suburb of Albury, house and land choice in Thurgoona at this time was limited with the Albury Wodonga Development Corporation owning the land bank in Thurgoona. 

NSW State records say Albury Wodonga was designed as a national growth centre by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and the NSW premier back in 1973. The agreement was made to develop Albury Wodonga around the turn of the century to a population level of somewhat 300,000. Albury Wodonga was chosen due to the location - central to Melbourne and Sydney making it close to nearly 75% of the population. This put Albury Wodonga on the map, confirming the twin cities as a growth spot. With access to a  major highway that links the two capitals and a rail corridor Albury Wodonga was guaranteed to make connection for growth easy.  

What does House and Land in Thurgoona look like today?

Fast forward 45 years and Thurgoona is booming. Central to Albury's growth corridor house and land in Thurgoona is popular with families, offering a non CBD living lifestyle but only minutes away from central Albury. Thurgoona presents a quiet and relaxed atmosphere because of the picturesque surrounds with plenty of access to schools and some of the towns best sporting clubs, Thurgoona emulates family.  

Home builders cannot get enough of Thurgoona. Thurgoona land is screaming high demand. Expected to increase by an additional 4,200 people by 2021 and with forecasts of population expected to exceed 17,660 people by the year 2036, the time to build a brand new home in Thurgoona is now! (Albury City, 2017).  Murray Park Estate Thurgoona has plenty of land choice and we can help you accommodate a builder that will create you a home to suit your needs. 

Want to ensure that your brand new home sustains high value? Well Thurgoona is the place for you to live. The median house price in Thurgoona today is currently sitting at $373,000 - that's $50,000 higher than two years ago!   

Flat land or room for a view - House and Land in Murray Park Estate. 

A real sense of community and a real sense of country Murray Park Estate is Thurgoona's most conveniently located housing estate offering customers a land bank comprising of level lots with snowy mountain views or slight elevations showcasing Albury's night sky. If you are looking for a kick start in Thurgoona, this is it! Browse the builders we work with to gain an insight into house and land packages in Murray Park Estate today.

Take a drive on the weekend to Murray Park Estate and you will see, it really is so close to everything.  

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